Burn the Rope

Burn the Rope 1.2.23

Burn baby, burn!


  • Fun concept
  • Lots of levels


  • Intrusive ads
  • Can be difficult to get movement right

Very good

In real life, burning things is generally frowned on. If your inner pyro still wants out, though, try Burn the Rope instead!

Burn the Rope is a fun, original free game for your Android phone. The aim is to burn things - rope in different shapes, to be precise. You do this by ensuring the flame always travels upwards, as gravity demands. As the fire burns, you'll need to rotate your phone to make sure the little flame is free to do what it does best - Burn the Rope!

As you progress up the Burn the Rope levels, the rope designs become more and more intricate, meaning more twisting and turning is required to keep the flame burning. Burning ants (the gentle-hearted should probably look away), will change the color of your flame, which is necessary for burning the colored rope you'll find in higher levels. There are also bonus levels for extra fun.

Burn the Rope has its own hilarious tailor-made music, and an amazing 112 levels for you to play. Despite the pyrotechnic theme, it's fun for people of all ages, and would fit right into a family situation. The controls are easy in theory, but hard in practice, but the challenge should keep you entertained for a while.

Burn the Rope is original, different and lots of fun!

Burn the Rope


Burn the Rope 1.2.23

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